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Laundry-On-Demand Startups In India

by Naman on 06/01/2015

We explored Uber for Food startups in India recently. Uber for X startups in India are going into other domains as well. Here’s a look at the Laundry service startups in India. The valley equivalent is Washio.

1. Fabrisure

Bangalore based.

No App. Phone based scheduling. Starting at Rs.80/KG.

2. Mywash

Bangalore based.

Web App. Starting at Rs.19/piece.

3. WassupLaundry

Chennai based. Present in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai.

Android and iOS app. Starting at Rs.35/piece. Franchisee based model.

4. OneClickWash

Delhi based.

Web App. Starting at Rs.50/KG (wash only). Monthly subscription also.

They are competing against the local dhobi and neighborhood drycleaner. In an urban household drycleaning is few times a year, while dhobi’s are scheduled to visit every week or so, with no minimums or extra delivery cost. And we also have full time household helps who wash and iron. In US there are self serve laundromats which isn’t much known in India. The value add in India is small when compared to incumbent services. Trust and insurance for a higher fee might work. When it comes to convenience, they might be a good substitute for the neighborhood drycleaner but not the local dhobi. Delyver used to provide pickup/drop for BandBox but it seems the service is stopped now.

Food Delivery Startups In India

by Naman on 23/12/2014

Some of us at FindYogi recently had a tough time looking for food delivery services for lunch and dinner. We ended up discovering a lot of startups, most of these still in their first 6 months of the service.

These are not restaurant food deliveries like JustEat or FoodPanda, but mostly homechefs. In the valley terms, these are more of Uber for Food in India. SpoonRocket is the closest equivalent in the Valley. Though Uber’s UberFresh does restaurant food but for consumers the experience is almost same.

Here’s the list, in no particular order, of “Uber for Food” startups in India

Warning – Almost all the sites are unusable on any screen size. All look great, but unusable. Eatlo’s android app is decent. Yumist is fine.

1. Eatlo

Bangalore (HSR and Koramangala). Weekday Lunch Only. 20Mins or less.

Founder – Rahul Harisanka (IIT/IIM – Freecharge, UrbanTouch) and Sai Priya Mahajan (IIT – MyGola, UrbanTouch)

Starts from Rs.100, upto Rs.150. Options include Mix of Veg/Non-Veg and Indian/Non-Indian recipes. Well thought options.

2. Nutritown

Bangalore (Indiranagar, Ulsoor, MG Road). Weekday Lunch and Dinner. Pre-scheduled.

Founder – Kushal Sharma, FMS/NSIT –  Freecharge.

Starts from Rs.150 for veg. 200 for non-veg, Lower for weekly/monthly commitment. Drinks included. Healthy meals designed by nutritionists.

3. FreshMenu

Bangalore (Sarjapur Road, HSR, ORR, Bellandur). Everyday Lunch. 45Mins or less.

Founder – Rashmi Daga, IIM – TutorVista. Backed by K Ganesh’s GrowthStory.

Rs.250. Non-Indian food. Mostly the kind of food you would order at a fine-dine restaurant or upmarket Cafe.

4.  Brekkie

Bangalore (Indiranagar, Ulsoor, MG Road). Weekday Breakfast Only.

Founder – Ashwin Chandrasekaran, Haripriya Raja and Nikhil Behl

Rs.80 for a 3 course breakfast. Rs.1500 for monthly commitment. Indian + Fruits + Cookies.

5. HomeChef from Delyver

Bangalore (Multiple locations). Multiple Home Chefs.

Delyver is a platform approach for delivering anything in the locality. Backed by K Ganesh’s GrowthStory.

Starts from Rs.70. Multiple options. Some delivery charge or minimum order amount apply.

6. SpoonJoy

Multiple Cities. Weekdays 10AM to 5PM. Fruits/Salads/Snacks.

Founders – 4 IIT Roorkee Grads. Sachin and Mekin of FlipKart, Sahil of Delhivery and Abhishek of Tracxn are investors.

Starts from Rs.35.  No commitment, subscription model. You tell your preference, they deliver based on availability. Pretty confusing subscription model but very affordable.

7. Yumist

Gurgaon (Cybercity). Weekdays Lunch. ~20Mins.

Founder – Alok Jain – Zomato.

Veg Indian food under Rs.100. The kind of food one would order daily.

8. TapCibo

Bangalore (Indiranagar). Weekdays Lunch. Rs.80-150.

Founder – Monica Rastogi, Shashaank Shekhar Singhal – Both with Mobile Tech Skills.

Veg+Non.Veg. Staring price point is lowest. More of a Thali than just 1 sabji+roti/rice (Like Yummist/Eatlo).

9. BiteClub


10. HolaChef

Mumbai. Lunch and Dinner. Multiple Home Chefs.

Founder – Saurabh Saxena.  Ex-

11. Eatango

Bangalore. Indian/Non-Indian Brunch. ~Rs.200.


The story until last year – In my first week in Bangalore, 4 years ago, I had tried (defunct) – monthly commitment and repetitive menu was a deal breaker. in Mumbai and Morpheus backed MealNut in Pune are also defunct now.

The key attributes here are – Delivery in 30mins or less. No minimum order. On-demand, No commitment. Just like the local Parathe Wala in Old-Delhi. Anything else is too much of friction.

What would you build now? A meta search for consumers or a SaaS tool for founders. Or microwave-able containers :) .

Leave a comment for anyone else worth including.

How We Reduced Our Google Adwords Spend By 20% With One Little Fix

by Naman on 09/12/2014

At FindYogi, we have recently started experimenting with Display Ads. We are looking to optimize the targeting and placement before scaling the budget.


1. We are tracking our conversion on Adwords by integrating it with Analytics.

2. We have blocked the ads from showing on mobile device. But there is no way to block from Tablets.

3. While checking the Placements tab under Display Network there were some sites that resulted in higher cost per conversion. We either decreased the bid for them or in some cases blocked them. Some of these sites had very questionable placement of ads, with a high chance of accidental clicks.

4. There were a particular set of placements that had a Rs.0 Cost per conversion. It was Rs.0 not because the cost was Rs.0 but the conversion was NIL.The common thing about these placements was that all of these were Apps, mostly casual games. Again a case of accidental click but this time it was the whole app ecosystem and not particular sites.

How to block your Adwords ads from showing on mobile Apps

There is a lot of debate as to which of the following is the right way to block your ads from showing on Apps so we implement both.

1. Go To Campaign > Display Network > Placements Tab > Scroll Down

2. Under Campaign Placement Exclusions add the following domain -

3. Under Site Category Options > Disbale - GMob mobile app non-interstitial

Our conversions are same with 20% less spend.

Shippr – Enhancing Classifieds Marketplace Through Convenient Logistics

by Naman on 21/10/2014

Shippr is an on-demand goods carrier marketplace. The service is targeting consumers who transact furniture/heavy appliances on classifieds site. The logistics part is a major friction in such cases.

There are 2 parts to this service, viz. the movement from point A to B through the vehicle and the loading/unloading of goods from the vehicle, which requires human labour. Ability to offer these 2 together is what plays to Shippr’s advantage.

Services like these enable and enhance the market for classifieds apps and sharing economy.

*Shippr is started by an ex-FindYogi team member.

How SpringRole Might Put A Dent In The Recruitment World

by Naman on 21/08/2014

SpringRole is referral based hiring tool. Companies post a job, you discover it and refer a friend, through a Linkedin message, who might be a good fit. If the candidate agrees to talk, you get paid a small referral fee.

In a world where attention in scarce, getting a friend’s mail for a job not only gets the attention but also endorses it. This model has been tried before in bits and pieces though the key to such incentive based programs is spam check and reputation control. SpringRole is addressing both this in priority through a strong data driven algo that works silently in the background.

The whole tool works on top of Linkedin and will hopefully integrate more platforms. Though the profile pages seem more usable here.

It Pays More To Be A Startups First Customer

by Naman on 20/08/2014

Trying something new is a risk. Now imagine being the first one to try it. Higher risk! This is a major friction for any startup to acquire early users.

Though looking at some examples in the recent past it seems the returns are higher in being first cusomter than what an avg. late adopter customer gets. The first customer always gets talked about.

1. Cafe Coffee Day was the first to reward 4Square mayors in India. This created some significant buzz.

2. Barista was the first coffee shop to list on Freecharge. For a long-long time it was the only other option to McDonald’s coupons, directly impacting their top-line.

3. GE is the first sponsor of Quartz India. They were mentioned beyond this blog post.

4. Freecharge just become the first customer for Haptik. The buzz is going to go beyond this tweet.


There’s more to it. You get mentioned everytime the startup is mentioned. Your logo is seen on their site for testimonial for a long-long time. You get lower pricing. You get more attention and support. Your brand is perceived as “innovative”.

So next time a startup pitches you, don’t ask “who are your customers?”, just to feel comfortable that you will have company if something goes wrong. Just be entrepreneurial and sign up with them.

Go try something early!

How Myntra and Jabong Are Communicating The Size and Fitting Information Right

by Naman on 08/08/2014

Wrong fitting is one of the major reasons for products being exchanged in fashion ecommerce. Also, a lot of consumers would shy away from shopping apparels online because they would not know the right size to pick, specially when Size Coding are not generally standard between brands.

Leading fashion stores Myntra and Jabong have added just one extra piece of information to help consumers decide better. They tell you the measurements of the model in the pic and the size that they are wearing. The information might look trivial but it solves a major pain.

jabong fit myntra fitting

The answer to some critical problems in the virtual world need not always be big data or computer vision products. Think simple.

What Happens When You Enter Wrong Password On Facebook Mobile Site

by Naman on 19/02/2014

…Facebook does not hide the characters in the second attempt.

Quora does not ask to confirm password when registering.

PayTM differentiated between sign in and sign up based on your number.

Quora shows your DP when you type your email during signup.

These simple things make life easier, yet these are not the norm on the web. In making the system secure for few vulnerable ones we destroy the experience for the regular audience. In India, the offline world is a good example of this – at Cinemas, Malls, Airport et. al., the frisking is too inconvenient. Designing to handle exceptions is good, don’t confuse it with designed for exceptions. Security is about preventing mishaps without creating inconvenience or fear.

BootStrapp and GreenDust – eCommerce Play For Excess Stock and Refurbished Products

by Naman on 27/01/2014

BootStrapp, is an eCommerce store selling unboxed, refurbished and excess-stock products. GreenDust is another player in this market that is making a mark, albeit in the offline market.

Some thoughts:

1. The idea of selling such products through online medium sounds good since there is higher discoverability.

2. Though the fact that the products are no-longer standard, creates a need to physically verify the condition of the product.

3. Since this is a non-standard packaging, there is a need for higher trust with the seller. People are buying such products offline from stores they already know about. Does that suggest that leading ecommerce stores will have a better play here? Amazon allows used products to be listed through its marketplace model in US.

4. GreenDust may not be doing great online but it already has 140+ offline stores across 15+ states. Is a hybrid model good or only offline play for now?

5. GreenDust is a using a celebrity, Vinay Pathak, for endorsement. Again a move to build more trust.