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“Helping-You-Create-Something” As A Service

by Naman on 10/04/2015

Gardening and cooking are good hobbies to kill loneliness. But how do you practice it? Where and how do you start? InnerChef is a startup that helps you cook great dishes by delivering processed ingredients and recipe. On the lines of Plated or MarleySpoon. Springfinity is a startup that helps you create a garden by delivering sapling, […]

Local Services Aggregation Startups In India – Going Beyond JustDial

by Naman on 18/03/2015

Aggregators for local services are growing in India. The services catered by these startups are highly fragmented, have low ticket size and low frequency of usage. Individually these services may not be big enough to justify making a Internet business around it, unlike Cars or Restaurants, but collectively this makes for a sticky use case. […]

Laundry-On-Demand Startups In India

by Naman on 06/01/2015

We explored Uber for Food startups in India recently. Uber for X startups in India are going into other domains as well. Here’s a look at the Laundry service startups in India. The valley equivalent is Washio. 1. Fabrisure Bangalore based. No App. Phone based scheduling. Starting at Rs.80/KG. 2. Mywash Bangalore based. Web App. […]

Food Delivery Startups In India

by Naman on 23/12/2014

Some of us at FindYogi recently had a tough time looking for food delivery services for lunch and dinner. We ended up discovering a lot of startups, most of these still in their first 6 months of the service. These are not restaurant food deliveries like JustEat or FoodPanda, but mostly homechefs. In the valley […]

How We Reduced Our Google Adwords Spend By 20% With One Little Fix

by Naman on 09/12/2014

At FindYogi, we have recently started experimenting with Display Ads. We are looking to optimize the targeting and placement before scaling the budget. Premise: 1. We are tracking our conversion on Adwords by integrating it with Analytics. 2. We have blocked the ads from showing on mobile device. But there is no way to block […]

Shippr – Enhancing Classifieds Marketplace Through Convenient Logistics

by Naman on 21/10/2014

Shippr is an on-demand goods carrier marketplace. The service is targeting consumers who transact furniture/heavy appliances on classifieds site. The logistics part is a major friction in such cases. There are 2 parts to this service, viz. the movement from point A to B through the vehicle and the loading/unloading of goods from the vehicle, […]