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BootStrapp and GreenDust – eCommerce Play For Excess Stock and Refurbished Products

by Naman on 27/01/2014

BootStrapp, is an eCommerce store selling unboxed, refurbished and excess-stock products. GreenDust is another player in this market that is making a mark, albeit in the offline market.

Some thoughts:

1. The idea of selling such products through online medium sounds good since there is higher discoverability.

2. Though the fact that the products are no-longer standard, creates a need to physically verify the condition of the product.

3. Since this is a non-standard packaging, there is a need for higher trust with the seller. People are buying such products offline from stores they already know about. Does that suggest that leading ecommerce stores will have a better play here? Amazon allows used products to be listed through its marketplace model in US.

4. GreenDust may not be doing great online but it already has 140+ offline stores across 15+ states. Is a hybrid model good or only offline play for now?

5. GreenDust is a using a celebrity, Vinay Pathak, for endorsement. Again a move to build more trust.


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