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Local Services Aggregation Startups In India – Going Beyond JustDial

by Naman on 18/03/2015

Aggregators for local services are growing in India. The services catered by these startups are highly fragmented, have low ticket size and low frequency of usage. Individually these services may not be big enough to justify making a Internet business around it, unlike Cars or Restaurants, but collectively this makes for a sticky use case. Until now consumers in this segment were completely dependent on referrals and with very few choices.

Here’s the list of startups aggregating local services:

1. LocalOye

Aditya Rao (BITS Pilani)
Funding from Sidharth Rao, Haresh Chawla, Sachin Bhatia
Present in Mumbai.
WhatsApp Support. PlayStore Presence

2. Doormint

IITB Team.
No funding disclosed.
Present in Mumbai.
Play Store and App Store presence.

3. HouseJoy

SP Jain + Ohio University team. Grey hair team, like most of GrowthStory’s other ventures.
Funding from K Ganesh and Meena Ganesh’s GrowthStory. Matrix Partners has invested recently.
Present in Bangalore and Ahmedabad.
WhatsApp Support. PlayStore Presence.


IIT D + DCE team.
$300K funding from Manish Vij and Anupam Mittal.
Present in Gurgaon.
WhatsApp Support. Play Store and App Store presence.

5. Qykapp

IIT B + KGP Team
Funding from Zishaan Hayath, Sahil Barua,  Abhishek Goyal
Present in Bangalore
Play Store Presence.

6. Taskbob

IIT B + IIM A team.
Funding from IndiaQuotient
Present in Mumbai
Phone Support. Play Store Presence.

7. UrbanClap

IIT K + UC Berkerly team.
Mobile browser support only.

The challenge here is not in connecting the consumer and service provider but making sure that the transaction is smooth. Review/Ratings is needed but the logistics/workflow is equally important.


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