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How You Can Exploit The Tolerance Level of Users To Increase RoI – Some Examples

by Naman on 04/01/2016

When pricing a new product, understanding the tolerance level of the user is important. Knowing what is the maximum you can charge for a product without turning down your customers helps you maximize your revenue. This tolerance level theory applies to every feature optimization. The idea of exploiting tolerance level in product design is to […]

TaxiForSure’s Attempt At Lead Gen For Offline Businesses

by Naman on 26/06/2015

TaxiForSure has listed few restaurants across cities as their Happiness Partner. Users can show their TFS invoice to get some discount (about 10-20%) at the listed places. For now this seems like a user engagement and rewards activity only but it is a great first step towards building a strong revenue model around lead generation. […]

Local Services Aggregation Startups In India – Going Beyond JustDial

by Naman on 18/03/2015

Aggregators for local services are growing in India. The services catered by these startups are highly fragmented, have low ticket size and low frequency of usage. Individually these services may not be big enough to justify making a Internet business around it, unlike Cars or Restaurants, but collectively this makes for a sticky use case. […]

BootStrapp and GreenDust – eCommerce Play For Excess Stock and Refurbished Products

by Naman on 27/01/2014

BootStrapp, is an eCommerce store selling unboxed, refurbished and excess-stock products. GreenDust is another player in this market that is making a mark, albeit in the offline market. Some thoughts: 1. The idea of selling such products through online medium sounds good since there is higher discoverability. 2. Though the fact that the products are no-longer standard, […]

Instamojo’s Social Pay – Viral Marketing and Much More

by Naman on 24/01/2014

Instamojo, a transaction platform for digital goods, has launched “Social Pay” – a payment system where the buyer does not pay through real money but instead helps spread the word about the product through channels like Twitter/ Facebook. This is the future of money that guru’s having been professing about*. Quick Thoughts: 1. Authors and […]