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How We Reduced Our Google Adwords Spend By 20% With One Little Fix

by Naman on 09/12/2014

At FindYogi, we have recently started experimenting with Display Ads. We are looking to optimize the targeting and placement before scaling the budget. Premise: 1. We are tracking our conversion on Adwords by integrating it with Analytics. 2. We have blocked the ads from showing on mobile device. But there is no way to block […]

Why FindYogi? Why Are We Making Whatever We Are Making? Everything That You Wanted To Know

by Naman on 30/06/2013

Why are we making FindYogi?¬† To make money. That was the initial thought behind the startup. We aimed to get lots of traffic through SEO and monetize it through Adsense and affiliate networks.¬†Unfortunately, we were running to become, what I would like to call to call, a Google Franchisee. About 8 months into doing this […]