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GOSF – Great Online Shopping Festival – Event or Process?

by Naman on 12/12/2013

The ecommerce industry in India is going all out over the Great Online Shopping Festival. Popularly known as GOSF, this is India’s answer to Cyber Monday. Organized by Google to promote Adwords relations and revenue, this was a 1 day thing last year but this time it’s happening for 3 days. Lots of discounts and deals being thrown around to lure first time online buyers. Some are doing good stuff, some only creating noise. Some are leading it and others don’t want to feel left out. Since it is coming from Google, there is a mass acceptance from large eCommerce companies as well – read this to know why. All in all a good thing for the industry. Atleast it shows that there is an industry that can get together for a common cause. Nasscom had tried this with their WondersOfWeb initiative but this never went beyond few tweets, the low number video views on that channel are a proof of that.

Since FindYogi is also connected to the eCommerce ecosystem and 70%+ of our current revenues come from eCommerce sites, people expected us to do something around the GOSF. Though, we have always stayed away from being called a “price comparison site” or “deal site” and want to make a positioning around “buying decision platform” concentrating on helping users “find great products” and not just bargains but I guess the industry will continue to give us tags that already exist, untill we are not big enough to matter. Even we are tempted to curate some best buy deals during the GOSF as this would certainly mean some contribution to revenue. Then there is a choice of whether we should continue building processes that are long term or give in to such events that are short term distractions. For now we have chosen to do what was already in the plan and have kind of ignored this Shopping Festival. May be in the long run we will need to participate in such industry events to find new users and stay relevant in the ecosystem. Though, we have taken this as a good excuse to test coupons integration on our price listing tab for products.


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