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How We Reduced Our Google Adwords Spend By 20% With One Little Fix

by Naman on 09/12/2014

At FindYogi, we have recently started experimenting with Display Ads. We are looking to optimize the targeting and placement before scaling the budget.


1. We are tracking our conversion on Adwords by integrating it with Analytics.

2. We have blocked the ads from showing on mobile device. But there is no way to block from Tablets.

3. While checking the Placements tab under Display Network there were some sites that resulted in higher cost per conversion. We either decreased the bid for them or in some cases blocked them. Some of these sites had very questionable placement of ads, with a high chance of accidental clicks.

4. There were a particular set of placements that had a Rs.0 Cost per conversion. It was Rs.0 not because the cost was Rs.0 but the conversion was NIL.The common thing about these placements was that all of these were Apps, mostly casual games. Again a case of accidental click but this time it was the whole app ecosystem and not particular sites.

How to block your Adwords ads from showing on mobile Apps

There is a lot of debate as to which of the following is the right way to block your ads from showing on Apps so we implement both.

1. Go To Campaign > Display Network > Placements Tab > Scroll Down

2. Under Campaign Placement Exclusions add the following domain –

3. Under Site Category Options > Disbale – GMob mobile app non-interstitial

Our conversions are same with 20% less spend.


Hi! I am the founder of FindYogi. I love studying consumer focused web apps and discovering those little features that makes each product unique. Here, I share best practices from other businesses that everyone could learn from and occasionally about how we are building FindYogi.

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2 thoughts on “How We Reduced Our Google Adwords Spend By 20% With One Little Fix

  1. Saptarshi Baksi says:

    Hi Naman,

    Was the logic behind blocking mobile ads that you were not getting any conversions from there?

    • Naman says:

      Conversion was far fetched. The reason was more to do with 100% bounce. On looking at the apps that were giving clicks, it seemed all of them were accidental clicks.

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