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Why FindYogi? Why Are We Making Whatever We Are Making? Everything That You Wanted To Know

by Naman on 30/06/2013

Why are we making FindYogi? 

To make money. That was the initial thought behind the startup. We aimed to get lots of traffic through SEO and monetize it through Adsense and affiliate networks. Unfortunately, we were running to become, what I would like to call to call, a Google Franchisee. About 8 months into doing this and we realise that motivation of money was very short sighted. Part of the realisation also came because we actually failed at getting  the ‘lots of traffic’ that we aimed for.

So what are we doing now? About 3 months back we went back to the basics and asked ourselves the most fundamental question that every product startup should be answering – What problem are we solving? We kept saying to ourselves that we are “helping people decide what to buy and where to buy“. To say the truth, our product was doing nothing of that sort. We were showing scraped data, from unverified sources, presented with some SEO text around it. Barely solving any problem. Definitely nothing more than a lot of similar looking apps that exist in the market. We built a Minimum Viable Product but not a More Valuable Productthe latter is what you need to make, to make it viable for you to survive the market as a late entrant.

That brings us to the fundamental question of what are we solving, how and why? We are sticking to our fundamental statement of – “helping you decide what to buy and where to buy.


How we are doing this now?

1. Verified data – From what we found out in the past few months is that most online sellers do not have right specifications of the product they are selling. We had initially planned to bank upon them for this data but have been let down. Most ecommerce players have outsourced the process of feeding in product details and that is coming to them unverified from sources that are half reliable. Internet being such a large source of all information does not have a single source of information for specifications of consumer electronics that is correct and exhaustive. Atleast not for all products being sold in India.

Are we doing it right? Not 100% but we are moving closer to that every day. We still can’t seem to find all data points for all products being sold in the market. Not on seller’s site, not on review/rating sites and in most cases not even on the manufacturer’s site. This is true for India, we will look for new geographies that have this problem as and when we are good to expand.

2. Comprehensible data – Buyers don’t understand all the technical details of the products they buy. May be they don’t even need to, but what they need to know is the capabilities and limitations of the product they are planning to own. That helps them avoid remorse.

Data says that a certain mobile has a 3MP camera but does that help without knowing what is the best camera available in a mobile phone? Can we do that for all features of all products? May be, we can.

Say hello to Feature Score and FindYogi Index! We are introducing 2 metrics to quantify the quality of the product and it’s value for money.

A. Feature Score – Score, out of 100, based on various technical specifications of the product as compared to that of the best in market. This tells you how good/bad is the product.

B. FindYogi Index – Score, out of 5, based on relation of feature score and the current market price of product. This is what tells you if the product is worth buying at this price.
Feature Score and FindYogi Index

3. Easier access – A major area of focus for us will be making the application usable and accessible across all forms of media consumption devices. Given the diversity and fragmentation of these devices, this would be one of our biggest challenges.

In a nutshell FindYogi brings to youIntelligent comparison of products to assist your buying decision.” Yes, it’s that simple. And that much difficult.

Living up to the three fundamentals of our product, we noticed that our team also comprises of 3 part – Data/Content collection, Engineering for data comprehension and design for usability and accessibility. These will be our major area of investment as a company.


So why are we doing this?

To make a buyer happy about what he buys. To help avoid what is called buyer’s remorse, that is usually caused due to half informed buying decisions. How does that change the world? We believe when people are confident about the things around them, they are happy. The world at large and the world around each of these individuals is happy when they feel good about what they are surrounded with. If you know why you bought that car and that reason is more than the fact that your neighbor owns one of these, you are going to drive down a happier man. We can’t change the humans around you but we can atleast make the materialistic world that you decide to be surrounded with add to your confidence.

Why product comparison and not just price comparison? Traditionally shopping comparison engines, the ones built from Valley, have been more about price comparison. Our assumption is that price comparison is a small part of the whole buying process. Helping decide what to buy is more important. Simply put, if you end up buying at a little higher price, you will regret for couple of days but if you end up buying the wrong product, you will regret for the lifetime of that product.


Why the name FindYogi?

Def. Yogi – A master of Yoga.

Def. Yoga – Yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind. Fluctuations are doubt caused due to lack of knowledge about certain something.

FindYogi aims to remove doubt by providing knowledge.


Summing it all: Your decision to buy something makes you happy. We realize that such decisions don’t need time but information, and we bring that to you in a way that makes it simple for you to decide. With FindYogi, always feel proud of what you decide to own, have no doubt, be happy like a Yogi!!


Hi! I am the founder of FindYogi. I love studying consumer focused web apps and discovering those little features that makes each product unique. Here, I share best practices from other businesses that everyone could learn from and occasionally about how we are building FindYogi.

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