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Giving Back Like RecommerceHub – Making It Double Awesome

by Naman on 09/07/2013

Recommercehub is a service that buys used mobiles from consumers and sells it in bulk at used goods marketplaces offline. As part of their program to give back to the society, Recommercehub recently provided 1 meal to an under-privileged child for every mobile sold to them.

While this might sound like any other CSR campaign, the startup went one step ahead and donated the meals on behalf of their customers. They recorded every child expressing a quick token of thanks to one of their customers. This gave a personal touch to the whole campaign and made the consumer part of the activity. The videos were mailed to respective customers with an intention that sharing it would draw more attention to the brand and customer.

This is a great example of how taking one more step to plain old CSR can create a great marketing tool and help align your business goals with the social goals. Check the videos here.


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One thought on “Giving Back Like RecommerceHub – Making It Double Awesome

  1. Srikanth Ch says:

    Thanks a lot Naman for the write-up.

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