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FlipKart’s On-Demand Notification For Better Adoption

by Naman on 26/06/2015

FlipKart was running a 3-day sale for it’s users this week, but the discounted prices and offers were available only on the App. The expected user behavior in such cases is that a lot of users would discover and decide products on the website and then go to app to avail the offer.

FlipKart was prepared for this and even made it easier for users to do so. Users who were logged-in on both, the website and app, could request for a push notification on the mobile from the website. The notification could be tapped to directly see that particular product on the app; making the navigation seamless. These little features accelerate adoption, helping the core purpose of the app exclusive sale.

It might look simple from engineering point of view but the product manager’s “will” and insight behind this is commendable.


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