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“Helping-You-Create-Something” As A Service

by Naman on 10/04/2015

Gardening and cooking are good hobbies to kill loneliness. But how do you practice it? Where and how do you start?

InnerChef is a startup that helps you cook great dishes by delivering processed ingredients and recipe. On the lines of Plated or MarleySpoon.

Springfinity is a startup that helps you create a garden by delivering sapling, supplements and tools.

This reminds me of digital creation products like BitStrip, WordPress, an Eclipse like IDE for softwares, or even Photoshop.

The feeling of creating something is very powerful for humans. Very few other actions can give you that feeling. It helps you survive alone. Programmers can go days without meeting people for this one reason. Creating something is itself a validation enough to not need the need of social validation.

A product that helps its users create something plays on a powerful emotion. If you are building such a product, one thing to note is that, there is a fine line between helping-me-do-it vs. doing-it-for-me. The difference between stencils and drawing guide. A heat-and-eat idli pack is not the same as idli batter. The output should be a little uncertain and there should be room for personal creativity.

The other thing to worry about is not become a commodity product. How do you avoid getting beaten by local grocery store selling pre-bundled recipe centric packs who is better than you at logistics? Create a community. Online and Offline. Killing loneliness is your ultimate product, right?


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